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Yale MR14-25A

The Yale® moving mast reach truck is the versatile solution to help your operation reach higher, with seven models ranging in capacity from 3,000-5,500 pounds and numerous standard and optional features.


The pace of commerce is fast - you need a reach truck that can keep up. The MR series provides higher travel and lift speeds, with  creep speed capabilities for greater precision.

  • Maximum travel speeds of 8.7 mph to power through longer hauls
  • Fast mast lift speeds of 143 feet per minute and lifting heights up to 551 inches to achieve lower order cycle times
  • Adjustable speed reduction in cornering and creep speed allow operators to precisely position the truck for optimum performance at close range

Whether working storage locations at great height or navigating tight, efficient warehouse layouts, the MR Series equips operators for maximum control and productivity.

  • Ergonomic controls are located on the display and include push button 360-degree steering for greater control and more accurate positioning at the rack face
  • High visiblity mast saves operators from constantly adjusting their line of sight
  • Standard Accutouch mini-lever module with built-in controls maximizes operator familiarity, while additional functions are integrated into the armrest
  • Optional auto-fork leveling and laser load positioning help enable consistent storage and load retrieval performance

You need to get the most out of a tight, competitive labor market. Equip your operators with the technology they need to be as productive as possible, whatever your unique challenges.

  • Optional touch screen technology is an industry first, and includes PIN access, height pre-select, weight indication, lift interrupt override and creep speed selection
  • Laser positioning allows the operator to work faster, safer and reduce risk of damage to products and racking
  • Optional cold storage cabin features heated windows and cabin doors to maintain optimum conditions for the operator, so that a drop in temperature doesn't mean a drop in performance

The MR series is designed to require maintenance less often to begin with and for fast, simple service when it is necessary.

  • Longer service intervals on key components, with 3,000 hour hydraulic oil and filter service and 7,500 hour transmission oil change intervals
  • Advanced diagnostics and CANbus technology enables fast idenfitication of faults, including both operator error and equipment malfunction
  • Get Home function allows operator to drive truck to appropriate place of repair should a problem occur - even if all other functions have come to rest


  • Model(s): MR16N, MR20 HD, MR16 HD, MR25, MR14, MR20, MR16
  • Capacity: 3000-5500lbs
  • Load Weight: 5500lbs
  • Max Lift Height: 502
  • Environment: Indoors
  • Power: Electric


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Reach Truck with Moving Mast | Yale MR14-25
Reach Truck Forklift  | MR14-25
Reach Truck by Yale | MR14-25
Reach Truck | Yale Lift Truck Tehcnologies
moving mast reach truck by Yale

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