Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks

Yale GP30-40N

Built on a scalable platform, the Yale Series N can be easily configured to match your unique requirements. With a 3,000–4,000 lb. capacity range, the GP30-40N will raise the bar for what you expect from a lift truck in a wide range of applications and environments.


An ergonomic compartment strategically engineered around comfort and convenience, the Yale® Series N was designed to make it easy for operators to get in and out of the truck, stay comfortable and sustain less stress while seated and operating the truck.

  • Convenient entry and exit – A large, strategically located step, large grab handle, contoured hood and flip up armrests help make it easy for the operator to get in and out of the truck.

  • Spacious operator compartment – Roomy operator compartment with ample floor space and a wide range of seat adjustment helps the operator to find a comfortable position, stretch their legs, and stay comfortable for long shifts.

  • Excellent visibility – A low dash and wide mast window provide excellent visibility through the mast, enhanced visibility of fork tips and load when picking at height, and excellent visibility when traveling forward.

Maintaining a strict focus on lift truck best practices can be a challenge, but with so much riding on lift truck operator performance, building and supporting safe, effective habits through proper, comprehensive training is critical. The Series N goes a step further, with smart features and technology that offers alerts and automated assistance to operators in real time.

  • Dynamic Stability System (DSS) - An innovative, maintenance-free system, standard on all Series N trucks that promotes operating best practices by implementing truck performance limitations to help minimize forward and sideways tip-overs. 1
  • Operator Assistance Systems (OAS) - A suite of options designed to support the behavior and awareness of both operators and pedestrians to promote safe practices and help prevent facility and product damage.1

Harsh duty cycles and challenging environments can threaten uptime, and you need equipment proven to stand up and deliver, shift after shift. The Series N helps protect your bottom line with features engineered to minimize unplanned downtime, simplify service and lower fuel costs.

  • Heavy-duty industrial Yanmar engine - Utilizes a heavy-duty EPA-certified Yanmar 2.2L LPG engine designed with extended preventive maintenance service intervals for continuous, heavy use.
  • Dependable high performance technology - Engineered with a reliable, aluminum transmission and robust steer axle with tapered roller bearings to help minimize downtime and simplify service.


  • Model(s): GP30N, GP40NS, GP35N
  • Capacity: 3000-4000lbs
  • Load Weight: 4000lbs
  • Max Lift Height: 228
  • Environment: Outdoors
  • Power: LPG
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking


  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Building Materials
  • Logistics
  • Metals
  • Wood



Yale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift
Side view of Yale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift
Angled side view of Yale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift
View of Yale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift from the rear
Angled side view of Yale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift
Side view of Yale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift
ale GP30-40N ice cushion tire forklift

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