Yale’s telemetry solution is a web-based system that collects data remotely to give you complete visibility of your fleet and operators in real-time.

  • Creates a path of accountability to the operator around reckless behaviors that can be costly such as avoidable damage
  • Grants you access to your fleet’s data at any time, from any device with an internet connection
  • Deliver insights through the Yale Vision Mobile App, Email, or text and can contribute to your daily decision making
  • Contributes to financial and environmental savings
  • Provides an analysis of your fleet with custom reports
  • Yale Vision is not only a great tool for Yale branded lift trucks but can also be applied to competitive branded lift trucks and other material handling equipment

Turn lift truck data into actionable insights

  • Promote safety and regulatory compliance
  • Increase operational transparency and efficiency
  • Provide cost reduction opportunities


Monitoring – The monitoring system is ideal for customers who simply want to monitor their equipment’s utilization, impacts, diagnostic trouble codes, schedule and track preventative maintenance. It also allow you to better understand your total cost of operations and know your trucks’ locations.


Access – Add a proximity card reader to the monitoring system to encourage the safe and proper operation of trucks. This technology measures opertors’ utilization to pinpoint misuse, inefficiency and unsafe operations in order to improve their work performance.


Verification – In addition to all the features of Wireless Monitoring and Wireless Access, the ability to perform the mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations is added without using a pen and a paper. The checklist is done on a small touch device which reduces your environmental impact and your cost.

Impact Camera

The camera offers a 280 degree front and rear visibility of the forklift.  It records any critical impacts and creates a path of accountability for operators.


Battery Vision

This battery management system monitors battery usage, alerts users to potential battery issues, and promotes better battery care and charging behavior.

Load Sensing

The Yale Load Sensing application monitors the material load being carried.
This solution provides enhanced utilization KPI’s involving trucks with and without loads, tracks load counts, and notifies the operator on capacity overloads.


Mobile App

Receive instant insights with the industry-first Mobile App.  Fleet management, operator efficiency and critical events are now at your fingertips.

Fleet Management Made Easy with Yale Vision

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