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With operator-friendly controls and technology in a cost-effective package, this light-duty walkie pallet stacker is a simply efficient solution for less-demanding applications. Backed by the Yale® brand and nationwide dealer network, the UX Series electric walkie stacker comes with the quality and support to keep operations moving efficiently.


For operations of all sizes, keeping material handling costs in check is critical to protecting profits. That's
why we engineered the UX Series to provide a simple, efficient match for the needs of less-demanding

  • Affordable purchase price to help protect the bottom line and scale your fleet confidently
  • Reliable quality and support you expect from the Yale brand and dealer network
  • Simple design limits service requirements and replacement parts, helping control running costs

The UX Series electric pallet stacker equips operators with a range of features to keep them informed of equipment status and work quickly and efficiently to help boost output.

  • Multi-function display with BDI and hour meter
  • Auto deceleration function for smooth, precise control
  • Variable speed control to tailor performance to task at hand
  • Low center of gravity enhances stability
  • Full free lift mast options for versatility in settings with low overhead clearance
  • Designed with safety features like emergency stop and reverse buttons

The UX Series does not require an advanced skillset and robust maintenance operation to service. Its
maintenance-friendly design helps make routine service simple and fast, while limiting total maintenance required.

  • Maintenance-free AC motors
  • Sideways battery removal with rollers
  • Built-in pressure relief valve helps protect truck from overloading
  • Hall effect sensors reduce wear and help increase component life
  • Low voltage protection settings help avoid abuse and extend battery life


  • Model(s): MSL30WUX
  • Capacity: 3000lbs
  • Load Weight: 3000lbs
  • Max Lift Height: 5600
  • Environment: Indoors
  • Power: Electric
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking, Order Picking


  • Beverage
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Food
  • Logistics


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